People always wonder about what scouting is all about! The following content will help you know more about it. A cub scout is referred as the member of the scouting movement. Normally young boys aged from 8 to 11 years are seen participating in this movement. Earlier, it was only the boys who use to be a part of this movement but since the year 1990, girls were also seen participating in equal numbers, in this movement. There are several countries all over the world that support scouting.
Cub scouting was founded by Robert Baden-Powell way back in 1916 with the intention to provide knowledge along with engaging the children in fun games. The children who were known as cub scouts were made to face challenges and were trained in right direction to shape their lives towards achieving their goals in life. This helped many people to enhance their lives by learning many new things out of this movement. Developing strong relations, discovering new things and gaining confidence were the three important attributes incorporated in this scouting movement.
The primary activities that every Cub Scout enjoyed were playing games or sports, hiking, camping etc. The scouts were made to stay in tents or lodges throughout the movement. All the cub scouts were divided into various groups and each group was made to perform certain tasks. All the children in a group were of the same age. Each group had a leader who acted as a guide. Cub scouts also visited many events like gold banquet and the annual blue. Moreover, they were made to face many adventures.
There are many cub scouts who have earned many prestigious awards in older days. There were several competitions held by the leaders and the scouts were made to participate in those competitions and given a chance to win exiting awards. Tiger cub, webelos and arrow of light were considered as the most precious and valuable awards and were given to only to high rankers. This made the scouting movement more popular. The awards were given to individual scouts as well as to entire groups.
There were many qualified, trained and skilled leaders who were assigned the task to lead the scouting movement. The leaders used to plan out several tasks at nights and used to assign them to the scouts in the morning. The scouts were punished if they were unable to complete the tasks. This made the scouts take the tasks seriously and to complete them with full dedication. The main aim of the scouting movement was to help young kids grow and develop into good citizens and this objective was seen to be fulfilled, over a period of time. The scouting movement instilled many good qualities into children which helped them to become good individuals and become respectable in the society. It was so amazing to see small children doing several different things and gaining self-confidence through this movement. The scouting movement is currently active in Australia, United States, Canada, Netherlands and Ireland.
There are many people, who are unaware about the existence of scouting movement in the countries like the United States and Australia. Basically, the scout movement was founded by the Robert Baden Powell in the year 1916. The main objective behind establishing this movement was to train young individuals and to turn them into better individuals’ i.e. to impart all the important qualities and characteristics desired by the society into the younger generation and thereby, to furnish their personality. The children who were the part of this movement were known as cub scouts and they belonged to the age group of 7 to 11 years. The movement ensured fun, along with learning. There were many activities which were organized by the club. The children enjoyed those activities and developed a positive attitude towards the club.
Earlier, the club only allowed male scouts to become the part of it but since 1990, the club allowed female scouts as well to enter the club. The club brought all the children together and assigned some tasks to them. Initially, the scouts were divided into many groups according to their ages such that every group had children belonging to the same age. Several instructions were then given to the group about the clubs rules and regulations. Every group had one leader and he was supposed to guide the group towards completing the tasks. The leaders were well qualified and had a great responsibility of directing all the scouts towards achieving the tasks. Activities like camping, hiking, racing cars, heading to field trips etc. use to create a great excitement and enthusiasm among the scouts.
Cub scouting means carrying out things like club scout derbies in which the children were made to design their own racing vehicles with the help of their parents and watch them zoom. Camping is another activity which was loved by the cub scouts. Camping allowed the children to experience various adventures and helped them to boost their confidence. The club also held competitions in between the scouts once in a while where all the talented scouts were made to compete with each other for winning exciting prizes and awards. There are many awards and medals that are distributed to all the high rankers. Among all of them the Webelos, the tiger club and the arrow of light awards are most valuable and precious.
Whenever you come across a child wearing impressive uniform, you must get yourself assured that the child belongs to the scout club. The scout club uniform resembles a great sense of respect to the person wearing it. It represents benevolent attitude, not malevolent attitude. As a cub scout, the person belongs to a certain community which promises the society, that the person will be highly responsible and will ultimately be an asset to the society. Besides the main uniform, the Cub Scout also wears all medals and the patches awarded to him which gives him a unique recognition in the society. It is necessary for all the cub scouts to wear the uniform for scouting activities.

Haven’t you heard about the cub scouts? Well, the following content will provide you the complete information about cub scouts. Cub scouts are the members of the scouting movement and they mainly belong to the age group of 7 to 11 years. The scouting movement was initiated and was founded by Robert Baden-Powell in 1915. The internet has been a great way to get well versed with the scouting movement. The scouting movement is still active in the countries like Australia, United States, Ireland and Singapore.
The main objective of this movement is to instill good qualities and make the younger generation bright and responsible citizens, right from their childhood so that they can become better individuals in future. There are many people all over the world who have been the part of this movement. This scouting movement has been responsible for giving new direction to many people’s lives.
There are many things that the children (often known as scouts), get to learn during the course of this movement. Earlier, until the year 1990, only male scouts were allowed to enter the scouting club but after 1990, the club allowed female scouts to enter the club as well. Children have a great time learning things as each exercise is combined with a game. Mainly, the club is active during vacation so that large numbers of kids are present at the club. The main attraction of this club is the activities that the club permits. Some of the activities include camping, sports and games, adventures, field trips, hiking etc. All the scouts are made to complete certain tasks at the beginning, in groups, so that they understand and learn the importance of team spirit and co-operation. Scouting basically leads to the development of all round personality of the individual. The camping activity actually teaches children to be self reliant. It also contributes towards their social development. There are 3 types of camps available: the day camps, resident’s camps and the webelos overnight camps. Day camps are organized during the day time and carried on for four to five days. Resident’s camp is a theme-oriented and council-organized overnight camping course. It is carried out over the spam of two nights, under certified leadership. The webelos overnight camp is conducted under the supervision of the scout’s parents and is a two- three day camp.
The cub scouts has earned a lot of respect in the society over a long period of time. There are many institutions and other educational organizations that strongly support this movement. This is because this movement has played a vital role in imparting essential qualities into children so as to make them better individuals in the society. There are prestigious awards that many scouts have earned up till now. Among all the awards, the arrow of light award is the most valuable. The scouts are made to participate in many competitions held by the core council of the club and accordingly, the winners are been awarded with the medals or the trophies. The club also provides the scouts, the opportunity to gain scholarships. The scouting movement still remains, the most adorable and remarkable of all times.

One of the important strategies in poker is to know how to play post flop. If you have already invested your money in the pot and have played till the flop, then you should also know what to do after the flop. Knowing whether to continue playing and become aggressive or folding your hands is an important decision in poker.

The rule of thumb

There are no simple rules when it comes to post flop playing except that the same strategies that are followed by sensible players through the game should be followed even after flop. If you think that you can win the flop right then, then you should continue playing. However, if you think that the chances of winning the hand on FullTiltPoker are very slight, then it would be best to keep your expenses at the minimum and exit the hand as soon as possible. However, there are specific circumstances and situations during the game which would dictate the way you should play the game. Different situations would call for strategies that are different.

Betting strategies for different situations

Given below are different strategies from that should be followed for different situations in poker:

* When you have a monster hand, your objective would be to increase the pot as much as possible. Yu can play slow post flop by checking and calling. However, if you have raised before flop already, you should just go ahead and continue the same tack. If you change your strategy, your opponents would definitely come to know that you have a strong hand.
* If you have a hand that is medium then there are quite a lot of different ways in which the hand can be played. If you get a medium pair and the flop cards are also medium, you can continue to play as you have been playing through the game. If you have been playing aggressive pre-flop, continue playing aggressive post flop as well. However, if the board reveals top cards like A, K or Q and you have a medium pair, then it would be best to fold and exit the game.
* If you have a small pair like 3s or 4s, then the best thing to do is to muck the cards post flop. It would have been best to fold the cards pre-flop but if not, you should definitely get rid of the cards post flop. There are very high chances that your opponents would have better cards than you.

Knowing how to play post flop on FullTiltPoker is very important since it would allow you to figure out a strategy for the rest of the hand. Post flop strategy is also very useful since it would allow you to figure out a way in which you can minimize your losses when possible and you can make the most of your hand and earn a big pot when you have a monster hand. Knowing how to play each type of hand would give you an idea about how to react to every possible kind of hand that you might get during the game.

One of the things that you need to know before playing poker is the rules of the game. Here are some of the basic rules that you can follow:

The Cards Dealt to the Player

At the start of each game, the player is dealt two cards facing downwards. During the game, values of these cards are not shown, except at the end of each round to help determine the winner. It is also shown by players during a showdown, which occurs when, at any point of the game, all of the remaining players have bet all their chips. During a game, if a player decides to get out of the game and not play the cards that have been dealt to him or her, the cards are returned to the dealer facing downwards, and not shown to the remaining players who are still left playing the game.


Before a new round starts and the cards are dealt to each player, the first two players located on the left of the dealer are required to place a blind which would be included as part of the pot in the game. There are two different kinds of blinds that are placed before a new round begins. The first is the small blind, which is placed by player seated immediately to the left of the dealer. This is half of the minimum bid that each player can bet in the round to stay in the game. Second kind of blind is the big blind which is placed by player seated beside the player posting small blind. This amount it the minimum bid amount that can be placed during the round.


In order to stay in the game, a player has to place a bet that either matches the amount that is bet by the player before him or he can even increase the amount. There are two exceptions to this rule. The first happens when one player goes All-In, wherein player bets all of his or her chips in the game. In this case, a player who has a lesser amount of chips can still stay in game for as long as the player also bets all of his or her chips. Second exception to this rule is when, at the start of the new betting round, first player checks, meaning that no bet is placed during the new betting round. There are four betting rounds for each game. First one takes place right after the cards are dealt to the players. Second round occurs when first three community cards are dealt in center of the table. Third round occurs when the fourth community card is dealt and the last round of betting occurs after last community card is dealt. In the event that a person folds during the game, any amount that was previously bet by the player stays in the game and is no longer returned to the player. So be careful when you are placing your bets here.

The casino internet websites that you play on do not automatically accept just any old method of payment that you try to make on their website. Here are some methods by which U.S. residents can deposit to their casino accounts whenever they play on an internet casino website:

Credit Cards

Most online casinos accept major credit cards that are recognizable internationally. The most acceptable ones are Visa or MasterCard. However, some internet casino websites are starting to limit the use of credit card transactions on their websites. For these sites, it is best to read the terms of service and find out from the customer service about which transactions with which credit cards are possible. The All-Access credit cards are also a good option for U.S. online gamblers, although the charge a small fee per transaction made. There is also the option of utilizing a pre-paid credit card, which will better allow you to manage the amounts you spend when you are playing, before you actually use up the whole balance.

Electronic Wallets

The electronic wallet is yet another great and convenient way to make online transactions with virtual casinos. With the electronic wallet (or ewallet), you can safely transfer money from your bank account into your virtual wallet and do transactions using that. One brand that is well recognized for U.S. players is the eWalletXpress, which is accepted by reputable online casino websites.

Electronic Checks

Electronic checks (or eChecks) are a service that is available for U.S. players who have checking accounts. They are able to “write” an eCheck from their checking accounts and deposit it with the online casino where they want to play. Upon issue, the money is immediately deposited into your bankroll and it is the duty of the casino websites to clear the checks with your U.S. based bank. However, you must realize that there is also a clearing time for eChecks, similar to the regular issued paper check. Thus, it is important to ensure the checking account has sufficient funds.

Cash Transfers

A cash transfer via MoneyGram or Western Union is another method by which you can make a deposit online to your online casino account. This method is usually used by those transferring huge amounts of money to or from the casino website. These transactions also carry with them a small service fee depending on the amounts that you transfer.

For U.S. players who want to play at a USA internet casino, these are just some methods by which you can open up bankrolls and maintain online accounts at the different casino websites that you play at. Remember, there are still other options that you can use, depending on the virtual casino like PayPal, Click2Pay or Neteller. You can find out more about deposit options that you can make from your area of residence by contacting the customer service of the online casino websites where you want to play or go to

A lot of the larger US online poker rooms offer guaranteed prize pool tournaments and the best poker room for this is Poker Stars. Every single day they have tons of guaranteed prize pool tournaments running and they range from $1 – $100K+ depending on the day. A guaranteed prize pool tournament is when the poker room guarantees that a given tournament is going to have a minimum prize pool. If the prize pool doesn’t reach the minimum that the poker room guaranteed then they will need to cover the rest.

In a $10+$1 guaranteed prize pool tournament where the prize pool is guaranteed to be $20K then there would need to be 2000 players to join the event. If there weren’t 2000 players who joined the event then the poker room would need to cover the rest of the prize pool. This means that you also have a better shot at winning the money because the tournament doesn’t have the typical minimum amount of players.

If only 1000 us poker players sign-up in the event then it’s like you’re playing in $20+$2 event when you’re really only playing in a $10+$1 event. If you can find guaranteed prize pool tournaments like this then these are the ones you ideally want to play in because you have the best shot at winning a big amount of money. You will need to get extremely lucky in order to win one of these tournaments, but you could potentially finish in the top 10% pretty consistently and typically that’s how many players get paid.

You will need to play poker tight and wait for your chances early on in these tournaments so that you can have a shot at increasing your stack in a few nice hands. Doubling up a few times early on is important so that you can stay above the average chip count. Don’t worry about being in the top ten positions early on, but always try to make sure you’re keeping up with the average chip stack.

Once you get down to the bubble of the tournament and you’re about to win money you should start playing extremely tight poker until you move up in the rankings. You want to make as much money as you can before you need to risk your stack in an all-in hand so keep that in mind and don’t be overanxious for going all-in.

I find that these tournaments are only good when the guaranteed prize pool isn’t met by the amount of players who bought into the event. When the poker room needs to put in their own money to complete the prize pool though, these events are excellent because you’re getting a shot at winning money that wouldn’t be there in a regular tournament.

You’re going to notice that most tournaments with guaranteed prize pools with fill up, but if you find some late at night then you might have a better shot at finding some tournaments worth playing. Don’t fall in love with these tournaments though, unless of course you’re consistently winning money in them.

A lot of people will play their pocket aces like any other hand and other people will play pocket aces slowly. Sometimes it’s beneficial to slow play pocket aces whereas other times it isn’t going to be so you need to make the decision when it arises as to whether you should slow play them or play them strongly. There are several factors you should consider before making the decision and we’re going to look at those now so that next time you play poker you’re prepared.

Before the flop is the most crucial decision you need to make throughout the hand because you need to decide whether to limp or raise the pot. If you limp into the pot then you’re going to risk any two cards going against you, but if you raise the pot you might not get any action. You should consider if there are any opponents playing after you that are loose/aggressive because chances are they might raise if you just limp. If you’re late to act in the pot then you need to almost raise the pot so you don’t get any two cards calling you.

After the poker flop you’ll have an idea of where you stand now because the three community cards are now out. If there are straight and flush draws then you might need to start watching out for your opponents raising you. If you see any draws at all developing you need to begin betting and you can’t really slow play anymore. If the flop comes and there are three duds out there then the only thing you need to worry about is trips or two pairs which is usually unlikely. In this situation you’ll be able to slow play at your own risk, but you want to remain cautious.

As you get to the turn and the river then you need to consider betting now because slow playing isn’t going to make you any money if anyone hasn’t bet yet. You also don’t want allow your opponents to see if every card for free because if they don’t hit something they’ll fold and if they do they’ll beat your pocket aces.

The most ideal time to bet your Poker Stars pocket aces if you’re trying to slow play your opponent’s is either after the flop or turn. If there are any draws out there then you’ll be better off betting the pot after the flop because if your opponent does have a draw they will most likely call. If the draw hits on the turn you could be in trouble so you should slow down betting at this point, but if the draw doesn’t hit I would increase the amount you bet on the turn to make your opponent think about chasing the draw.

With pocket aces they look really good when you see them, but in all seriousness they can be beaten very easily and you don’t have many options to improve your hand. You want to make sure you win some money on your pocket aces, but don’t consider them to be your all-in hand when you sit down at the poker table.

In order to have a chance at taking an edge over the house in blackjack, you will have to understand how the game of how blackjack strategy works and what the odds are of your dealer in the hand. It is basically a case of knowing when to stand or knowing when to hit. Most blackjack players decide whether to hit, stand, or split based on emotion, and not strategy, and this is where they go wrong.

When you play with your heart and not by statistics, you are giving your opponent a major edge. Those that play by a gut feeling will ultimately be a losing player over a large sample of hands or sessions. There are multiple reasons why this is true. The first aspect to look at would be that the player is hitting too often when their hands are somewhat playable against the dealer’s hand. Even if your hand does not look good by itself, it can still hold a lot of showdown value against certain cards the dealer may hold.

Therefore, the idea of playing blackjack strategically is to play in a manner that will not cause you to bust too many hands, and to make sure you get the most value out of your hand. In order to have an edge over the house, you will have to analyze the dealer’s cards every hand to decide whether hitting or standing would hold weight.

Dealer up Card

The dealer’s showing card holds the most value towards what your action should be. For instance, if the dealer is showing an ace, he almost always has an edge over your hand. The possible hands for the dealer to have with an ace showing are generally a lot stronger than your possible hands. You will make your play depending on what the dealer has showing, in comparison to your two cards.

Dealer up Card: Weak or Strong?

The weakest card the dealer could have is a six, as busts are more common. This is followed by five, four, three, and two. However, seven to ten are fairly strong cards for a dealer to have showing, and an ace is a monstrous card to have up.

When considering the overall strength of the dealer’s card in addition to considering what your blackjack hand’s strength is, a blackjack player stands a far better chance of coming out ahead when making their decisions at the blackjack table.

I Was a Cub Scout began back in 2005 when Todd Marriott decided to leave his old punk band and decided to start a one-man dance band. In 2006, he began to compose a series of songs with the use of his drum machine. Eventually, he realized that he needed to expand. He found what he was looking for in William Bowerman, who had been a long time friend of Marriott since they met in Grantham when they belonged to rival punk bands. It did not take long before I Was a Cub Scout released their first single entitled “Pink Squares” later that same year courtesy of Abeano XL Records. Apart from being able to launch I Was a Cub Scout into instant stardom, the single was also recognized to be the group’s most renowned and highest ranking song they have recorded.

Over the next few months, Bowerman and Marriott found themselves performing one show after another, including having a stint in the BBC 6 Music Showcase held in Austin, Texas in March the following year. This had led them to decide to record their own album. Along with composing and arranging songs that would be included in this project, Bowerman and Marriott also decided to re-release another version of their single “Pink Squares”. The decision was made due to the fact that it was their most accessible and popular song. To help them with this, I Was a Cub Scout decided to launch a contest to their numerous fans to send in their own version of the song, with the chosen version being included in their album project. According to Bowerman, “we had heard a bunch of interesting cover versions of “Pink Squares” on the Internet…so we thought it’d be ace to offer them the chance to be on our single.”

The first and only album of I Was a Cub Scout was released on February 2008 and was titled “I Want You to Know that There is Hope”. When asked on the reason for the album title, the group responded by saying that the title came to them while they were in a bus and began to talk about their feelings at that time.

With so much success being experienced by the group, the Nottingham music scene and their fans had expected that I Was a Cub Scout would be here for a very long time. So when the group announced in June 2008 that they were splitting up, it sent shockwaves all over the country. According to Marriott, the decision to part ways was brought about by countless problems experienced by the group for the past few months. What these specific problems were, they did not specify, making their split sounding more like a nasty breakup between two lovers after a whirlwind romance due to “irreconcilable differences”.

It has been almost two years since I Was a Cub Scout members had parted ways. Today, they continue pursuing a career in music while trekking on separate paths, with each member now part of separate bands.