Is offshore hosting the best solution for your website?

Offshore hosting is a type of storage that means hosting your website or application on servers located in a different country or territory and far away from yours. There are several reasons for this option. However, it is important to make sure you know the good and bad sides of offshore web hosting before you go there.


Some website owners turn to offshore hosting for anonymity reasons. Some hosting providers offer an anonymous service, so the customer does not need to enter any personal information before being able to create and operate an account.

Also, the most recurring reason for choosing an offshore hosting is the freedom of expression and press that it allows. When you live in a country where certain rights are violated, the solution available to you is to escape these restrictions by expressing yourself elsewhere, where you would not be prevented from doing so freely. It's the same thing here, offshore hosting allows you to bypass local restrictions.

On the other hand, offshore hosting allows you to set up your business. Netherland is the most popular country for this reason when it comes to offshore web hosting.

Finally, you get more visibility by hosting your website offshore. It is good to notice that you can benefit from these advantages only if you choose a good web hoster, like KoDDoS, which offers you a strong DDoS protection with different offshore web hosting packages.


However, the offshore accommodation has some bad ratings that should be noted.

You may face a customer service that is not always available to help you with urgent issues. This is the reason why, when choosing your hosting provider, make sure that support service is available 24/7.

Another inconvenience is the high cost of some offshore accommodations. Beware, however, of Fiat payments for anonymous offshore hosting that can give you the illusion of security. In addition, you cannot always expect fast and reliable connectivity.

Last thing is to be aware of the loyal laws of the country hosting your website, otherwise you may put you in difficulty with regard to the justice of this country.

Five tips for keeping your files on an external hard drive

External hard drives provide additional storage space for your computer. However, you need to take good care of them if you want to keep your digital files and documents. Here are five tips to help you keep your files on an external hard drive!

Avoid shocks and jolts

If you want to keep your files on your hard drive for a long time, it is important to protect your drive from shocks. Indeed, hard disks are generally very fragile and can quickly become damaged. To this end, avoid moving your disk during a transfer. This could result in data loss. In addition, avoid any kind of brutal shock to your external hard drive. Otherwise, it may be damaged and you will lose all your data. To learn more about external hard drives in general, go to  .

Taking care of the hard drive

In addition to protecting your hard drive from crashes, you also need to take real care of it. To do this, you need to keep it away from light, because hard drives don't like heat. You must also avoid overfilling it or unplugging it in the middle of data transfer.

Vary storage media

Since hard disks are not 100% reliable, the ideal would be to vary the backup media. To do so, do not hesitate to burn your folders and files to DVDs or Blu-ray discs. You will then place them in a case to protect them. It is also possible to opt for remote backup using the Cloud or other remote storage spaces.

Check your disc frequently

It is also important to check your hard drive on a regular basis. In particular, you should check whether all the files on it are still open. Indeed, if the external hard drive is not rebooted frequently enough, it may have some malfunctions. In case some of your folders do not open anymore, you will be able to copy them to another support provided that you still have them on your computer of course. If this is not the case, try to send the file from your disk back to your computer. In case the file opens on your computer, this will mean that the error was correctable. If not, you will have lost your document.

By following all these tips, you will be able to keep your files on your external hard drive for a very long time.

Cyberpunk 2077 Loses 79 Percent of Player Base in a Month

Popular RPG Cyberpunk 77 has lost 79 percent of its player base since its launch about a month ago. However, it’s still one of the most purchased and played games on Steam.


CD Projekt RED is currently battling a class action lawsuit over Cyberpunk 77’s buggy launch. Rosen Law Firm, a Manhattan law firm, filed the suit against the developer “on behalf of persons or entities who purchased or otherwise acquired publicly traded CD Projekt Red securities.” The beleaguered developers had to contend with a massive drop-off in their player base, but sales remain in rude health in spite of these controversies.

Massive Drop in Player Base

The numbers were brought to light by analysis from video game statistics website GitHyp. It reveals that the game’s player base declined sharply from its peak of over 1 million concurrent players to 225 thousand players a day on Steam.


Nevertheless, the report also explained that the drop is typical of most single-player games. Typically, these games lose the same percentage or even more of its player base, although open-world games are usually an exception. GitHyp also noted CDPR’s penchant for fixing their games on PC post-launch, advancing it as a reason why the game still maintains a positive average score on Steam.

Sales Not Adversely Affected

The good news for CDPR is that Cyberpunk 77 has continued to sell well on Steam, despite the loss of player base and other controversies. PCGamesN revealed that the game has remained the top-selling game since the week ending November 22.


According to CDPR themselves, more than 13 million copies of the game has been sold, even when refund requests across all platforms have been factored in. Out of these numbers, about 8 million copies are said to be from pre-orders alone, a related report revealed. 


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Marriage on the Rocks

It’s been apparent for a while now that all is not quite well at the West family. The latest reports indicate that the famous Hollywood couple are headed for a split.


Kim Kardashian hasn’t been seen wearing her lavish wedding ring lately, and she apparently has hired celebrity divorce attorney Laura Wasser to take care of settlement talks. On his part, Kanye chose to spend the holidays at his $14 million Wyoming ranch rather than spend it with the Kardashian family.

This Time, It’s Real

This isn’t the first time the couple has hinted at a divorce, but this time, it’s way more serious. The couple, who got married in 2014, has four children together. A source close to the family claimed that Kim has gotten tired of putting up with Kanye’s numerous issues. The source added that Kim has done a lot to protect and help Kanye cope with his mental health issues, but the divorce had to happen because Kim has grown up a lot.


According to the source, Kim’s been trying to become a lawyer and is also passionate about her prison reform campaign. By contrast, Kanye’s talking about running for president and pulling other stunts, and she’s had enough.


Kanye himself is said to be irritated with the Kardashians’ over-the-top reality star lives and wants nothing to do with them. West also added that he found their reality show unbearable. He hinted at a divorce in July when he tweeted, “I have been trying to get divorced since Kim met with Meek at the Warldolf [sic] for ‘prison reform.’”


Keeping It Low-Key

The couple is trying to seal the split as amicably as possible and divorce settlement talks are already underway, although it hasn’t gotten to the stage of deciding how their properties would be divided. The biggest sticking point in the talks is likely to be over their family home in Calabasas, California. 


China wealthy business mogul, Jack Ma goes into hiding

After lashing out at Chinese government, the founder of Alibaba has gone “missing.”

Jack Ma absence from the public raises eyebrows


China’s most popular business person, internet business tycoon Jack Ma, made his fortune by facing large hurdles in retail and operators.


This former language tutor established Alibaba in 1998 when China had very few online retail clients. He also founded Alipay and launched it five years later. Both businesses developed to the admiration of all entrepreneurs.

Jack’s most recent trick reverse discharges after he called controllers too traditionalists in an Oct. 23 discourse and encouraged them to be more creative.


They ended the looming financial exchange presentation of Ant Group, an online account stage that outgrew Alipay. Alibaba’s offer cost sank, conceivably costing Ma his status as China’s most extravagant business mogul.


From that point forward, the regularly social Ma has avoided the public eye, shunned a TV appearance, and evaded online media. This has provoked a whirlwind of hypotheses about what may befall Ma, China’s greatest worldwide business, and dent a negative image of its tech giant.

China Politicians fuming after Ma’s outburst

Jinping’s administration was said to be uncomfortable with Alibaba’s predominance in the retail industry. Concerning Ant, regulators stressed it may add to monetary dangers seen by the decision party as probably the greatest danger to China’s monetary development.


Shaun Rein, an expert in financial matters said he met Alibaba administrators and individuals who know Ma, but none of them mentioned that he is in any difficult position.


“Jack has taken a hit. He’s taken in his correction and that is the reason he’s hushed up for as long as two months,” stated Rein, the originator of China Market Research institute. “A portion of his companions revealed to me they can’t accept how naive he was.”


Jack, 57, left as Alibaba’s administrator in 2018, but he remains an important figure for Alibaba franchise. He is among 36-member shareholders who have a huge share as top managerial staff. He is the firm’s biggest investor.

High blood pressure: Still A silent killer

Getting normal blood pressure is what many people hope to get. However, almost 25% of

the world population is suffering from high blood pressure.  Today, we will look at some risk factors of this condition and how to treat it. 

Causes of high blood pressure

 While several unknown factors cause HBP, some known risk factors include age. As

individuals grow older, they are prone to have an increase in blood pressure.

People 40 years and above should monitor their blood pressure.


Been overweight and eating too much could increase the risk of having HBP. This is

because body mass requires more blood circulation. Too much salt intake. Salt

is necessary for the body, however, when you take too much salt, you run the

risk of getting HBP. Family history. Some people have a family history of

people with HBP.  There isn't much one can do to avoid this, if it runs in

the family.

 Stress and depression

 Life comes with different worries, so we may fall victim. When one worries and

thinks too much, then HBP might set in.

How to manage high blood pressure

Normal blood pressure should be between 120/70 and 130/80, anything higher is not

good. However, if your blood pressure spikes, here is how to get it in control. 

Lose weight

For overweight people, you need to shed some weight and get in shape. Take fitness

classes and reduce your carbs intake.

Take salt alternatives

Limit the salt and potassium you take and go for other natural alternatives like nutmeg,

chili, and basil

Take alcohol in moderation

While a glass of wine daily is good, avoid taking alcoholic drinks in large quantities.

If you can avoid alcoholic drinks, but if you can't just take a little. High

blood pressure is a silent killer, take care of your health today.

Inflation: definition, types, and causes

Understanding some key economic principles that could affect your income during this covid-19 pandemic is critical. We will take a look at inflation and other important information. 

About inflation

Inflation is the reduction in the purchasing strength of a nation's currency during a period. It is expected that countries that don't produce enough and depend sorely on imported products will have problems with inflation during this period. This is because many nations are on lockdown. For nations in this conundrum, inflation is unavoidable. To counter inflation, most countries use financial authorities, like the central bank, to take drastic necessary measures by making credit scarce to keep inflation within the range they would be able to an economy running smoothly. 

Causes of inflation

Three main factors affect inflation in the economy, they are:

 Demand-pull factor

This happens when the availability of money in circulation is more than the appropriate goods produced by the nation. This makes the few goods available to be more expensive and inflation arises. 

Cost-push factor

 This happens when the economy suffers a negative shock because money is now channeled into scarce resources. This could happen especially in oil-rich countries like Venezuela where oil revenues are mismanaged and not adequately used.

 Built-in factor

 This happens because there is now an apparent increase in the price of goods and services and citizens expect this trend to continue without finding ways to limit their spending. Citizens will expect high wages which will affect goods not worth it. 

How to cope during inflation

To cope with inflation, people should.

 Invest wisely

Don't be a spend drift find a viable business to invest in that can generate good dividends. 

Live modestly

 Don't overspend due to the huge amount in the economy, live your life quietly, and keep a low profile. 

Get a home or land

 Buying a home during an inflation period is a wise decision because houses are assets that do not lose value due to economic problems. Be smart, invest in landed properties.

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