High blood pressure: Still A silent killer

High blood pressure: Still A silent killer
Table of contents
  1. Causes of high blood pressure
  1. Obesity
  2.  Stress and depression
  1. How to manage high blood pressure
  1. Lose weight
  2. Take salt alternatives
  3. Take alcohol in moderation

Getting normal blood pressure is what many people hope to get. However, almost 25% of

the world population is suffering from high blood pressure.  Today, we will look at some risk factors of this condition and how to treat it. 

Causes of high blood pressure

 While several unknown factors cause HBP, some known risk factors include age. As

individuals grow older, they are prone to have an increase in blood pressure.

People 40 years and above should monitor their blood pressure.


Been overweight and eating too much could increase the risk of having HBP. This is

because body mass requires more blood circulation. Too much salt intake. Salt

is necessary for the body, however, when you take too much salt, you run the

risk of getting HBP. Family history. Some people have a family history of

people with HBP.  There isn't much one can do to avoid this, if it runs in

the family.

 Stress and depression

 Life comes with different worries, so we may fall victim. When one worries and

thinks too much, then HBP might set in.

How to manage high blood pressure

Normal blood pressure should be between 120/70 and 130/80, anything higher is not

good. However, if your blood pressure spikes, here is how to get it in control. 

Lose weight

For overweight people, you need to shed some weight and get in shape. Take fitness

classes and reduce your carbs intake.

Take salt alternatives

Limit the salt and potassium you take and go for other natural alternatives like nutmeg,

chili, and basil

Take alcohol in moderation

While a glass of wine daily is good, avoid taking alcoholic drinks in large quantities.

If you can avoid alcoholic drinks, but if you can't just take a little. High

blood pressure is a silent killer, take care of your health today.

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