Is offshore hosting the best solution for your website?

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Offshore hosting is a type of storage that means hosting your website or application on servers located in a different country or territory and far away from yours. There are several reasons for this option. However, it is important to make sure you know the good and bad sides of offshore web hosting before you go there.


Some website owners turn to offshore hosting for anonymity reasons. Some hosting providers offer an anonymous service, so the customer does not need to enter any personal information before being able to create and operate an account.

Also, the most recurring reason for choosing an offshore hosting is the freedom of expression and press that it allows. When you live in a country where certain rights are violated, the solution available to you is to escape these restrictions by expressing yourself elsewhere, where you would not be prevented from doing so freely. It's the same thing here, offshore hosting allows you to bypass local restrictions.

On the other hand, offshore hosting allows you to set up your business. Netherland is the most popular country for this reason when it comes to offshore web hosting.

Finally, you get more visibility by hosting your website offshore. It is good to notice that you can benefit from these advantages only if you choose a good web hoster, like KoDDoS, which offers you a strong DDoS protection with different offshore web hosting packages.


However, the offshore accommodation has some bad ratings that should be noted.

You may face a customer service that is not always available to help you with urgent issues. This is the reason why, when choosing your hosting provider, make sure that support service is available 24/7.

Another inconvenience is the high cost of some offshore accommodations. Beware, however, of Fiat payments for anonymous offshore hosting that can give you the illusion of security. In addition, you cannot always expect fast and reliable connectivity.

Last thing is to be aware of the loyal laws of the country hosting your website, otherwise you may put you in difficulty with regard to the justice of this country.